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Frequently Asked Questions

Consider your needs in the short, medium and long term, that is, the best size of the property, the location and the level of investment you intend to make. The real estate market has shown an amazing growth rate over the last few years, surpassing traditional investments and offering an excellent financial return.

To make a good decision and get the information you need, look for our sales offices or accredited real estate agencies. Visit the property you are purchasing, this visit is important to observe the positioning, the view of the property, among others.

Take good care of your contract, as it is an important document that proves that you have purchased the property. Keep all the documents related to your property in your contract folder. It is important to place all the documents organized together, if you plan on selling it or even paying off the mortgage.

It is the client’s responsibility to pay the property tax of the acquired property from the moment of the purchase. You shall receive the Urban Property Tax (IPTU) payment book at your residence, issued by the City Government. If you do not receive your payment book, you will have to pick it up at the City Government where the property is located.

At the end of the payment of the contract, owners shall make the deed of their property. They have to present themselves at the Real Estate Registry Office, in the city where the property is registered, within a maximum period of 30 days to bring the necessary documents of the property.

A fee related to this deed will be charged, and the amount shall be compatible with the area of the land lot or construction to be paid off, which will be the responsibility of the owner.

In case of mistakes on your payment slip, call Fascol (+55 15 3527-1816). Above 05 installments in advance or early settlement of the contract, Fascol Empreendimentos Imobiliários offers a discount, just contact our team.

Pay directly at the bank or contact Fascol so that a second copy of the payment slip is sent to you.

When the delay exceeds 30 days, you shall contact Fascol’s Legal Department. A fine, interest and attorney’s fees will be charged.

Contact Fascol. The payment slip can be picked up immediately or sent to your email.

No, Fascol will choose the bank that will issue the payment slips to the clients. Therefore, pay attention to the assignor’s name.

Fascol offers a discount when paying 5 installments in advance or paying off the property.

It is not possible to return the land lot, according to the contract that was signed. It is not possible to repent or give up the purchase under any pretext.

After Fascol’s authorization, you can start the construction of your project, which shall be designed by a professional from the civil area. The project shall be sent to the City Government for approval and further grant of the construction permit.

After obtaining such permit, owners are free to begin their work. It is necessary to contact the agencies responsible for electricity, water distribution and sewage systems.

To finish your project, the following documents shall be obtained at the local City Government:

  • Certificate of completion of works;
  • Certificate of construction
  • Permission for occupancy (Habite-se)
  • Certificate of market value
  • Certificate of Good Standing from the Brazilian Social
  • Security Institute (INSS)

With those documents in hand, it is necessary to make an entry at the Real Estate Registry Office where the project is registered.

For the property to be a pleasant and valued place, it is important to keep it always clean and well maintained. This requires the collaboration of all owners. Always keep your property clean. And do not be limited to caring for your property only. It is also necessary to maintain the paving and living areas. Avoid obstructing the streets with objects or using them for the concreting process, as it leaves residues that compromise the quality of the asphalt and denigrates the development. The trees in your development also need care, because in addition to making the landscaping of your property beautiful, they also contribute to the appreciation of the entire development, preserve nature and make the environment more pleasant. Caring for the landscaping is an attitude of awareness and citizenship, and constant caring for the conservation of land lots is of utmost importance.

About us

Pursuing the common goal of perfecting construction skills and providing quality products at a fair price, two entrepreneurs with vast know-how created Fascol Empreendimentos Imobiliários.